At Razor’s Edge, experience makes all the difference.

Having more than 50 years of combined experience in barbering, we promise exceptional cutting, styling, and shaving services that bring out the best results. Our professional and personalized service is a favorite for many clients and we look forward to ensuring your satisfaction too.

Led by Frank, who founded Razor’s Edge and works as Head Barber, the mission of our barber shop is to provide barber services that define comfort and quality without compromising on affordability. Frank enjoys his profession and ensures all other staff members in our shop are trained and as enthusiastic about their work as he is. We provide a variety of barber and grooming services including haircuts, trimming, shave, and more. Our competitive prices, comfortable barber shop environment, and professional, relaxed service all make sure your experience with Razor’s Edge is top notch. What’s not to love?

We understand that when you come in through our doors, you want to look like a well-polished and groomed man – it’s mainly why you are entering a barber shop to begin with! We hope to meet your expectations and offer services that leave you looking sharp, decent, and groomed.

So sit back and relax as we cater to your hair or shaving needs. Our shop and service are both luxurious in terms of comfort so use your time with Razor’s Edge to take your mind off things and enjoy being groomed by professionals. You can book your appointment today by contacting us – or hey, give us a visit and we’ll accommodate you. We’re open all days except Sundays.

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